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Honda Update: Prelude, Civic

  All your Honda body kit goodies right here. Prelude BB1: http://bcautodesign.com/product-category/body-kit/honda/prelude-bb1/ BB6: http://bcautodesign.com/product-category/body-kit/honda/prelude-bb6/   Civic EG: http://bcautodesign.com/product-category/body-kit/honda/civic-92-95-eg/ EK: http://bcautodesign.com/product-category/body-kit/honda/civic-96-00-ek/ ES/EM: http://bcautodesign.com/product-category/body-kit/honda/civic-01-03-esem/ EP: http://bcautodesign.com/product-category/body-kit/honda/civic-01-04-ep/   Call us (905)886-3900 or email us info@bcautodesign.com for ordering and availability.

European Update: VW, Audi

  Our Volkswagen and Audi body kits have been updated.  Click the following links to see what stock we have. Lips starting at $100 Bumpers starting at $160 Side skirts starting at $140 Rear spoilers starting at $110 Accessories starting at $50 Audi A4 Volkswagen Stay tuned for more VW kits.  We have stock for […]

Body Kit update

Check out our body kit section at the top of the page or in the following links below. New Bodykits: Acura 3.2 TL (UA4) Acura 1.7 EL Mazda Miata MX-5 (NA) Mazda Miata MX-5 (NB) Mazda MX-6 (GE) Mazda Precidia MX-3 Subaru Impreza (GDB) Subaru Legacy (B4)